“Mediocre snowboarding, above average lifestyle”

HOW YA DOIN!? Ice Coast Kills Shit is a brand and a crew of New York snowboarders and friends. We make videos and clothing. We started ICKS in the Fall of 2009. Since then, we did a bunch of things…

Released 4 full length videos online.
How Ya Doin’ (2014/2015): vimeo.com/158665725
Knucklehead (2013/2014): vimeo.com/114133236
Dingbat (2010/2011): vimeo.com/28552594
Numskull (2009/2010): vimeo.com/15015352

Threw a bunch of competitions and events.
Some were at abandoned resorts: vimeo.com/10508451
Some were in our backyard: vimeo.com/23061607
Some were at functioning resorts: vimeo.com/60868822

Had a storefront in Hunter, NY: vimeo.com/40056471

And a whole bunch of other radical shit happened. Keep up with us now as we post mostly dumb shit on instagram and facebook. We also sell gear through our online shop.