“Mediocre snowboarding, above average lifestyle”

HOW YA DOIN!? Ice Coast Kills Shit is a brand and a crew of New York snowboarders and friends. We make videos and clothing. We started ICKS in the Fall of 2009. Since then, we did a bunch of things…

Released 3 free full length videos online.
Knucklehead (2013/2014): vimeo.com/114133236
Dingbat (2010/2011): vimeo.com/28552594
Numskull (2009/2010): vimeo.com/15015352

Threw a bunch of competitions and events.
Some were at abandoned resorts: vimeo.com/10508451
Some were in our backyard: vimeo.com/23061607
Some were at functioning resorts: vimeo.com/60868822

Had a storefront in Hunter, NY: vimeo.com/40056471

And a whole bunch of other radical shit happened. Keep up with us now as we post mostly dumb shit on instagram and facebook. We also sell gear through our online shop.

“If I gotta choose a coast, I gotta choose the east.” – Biggie Smalls. HOW YA DOIN BYE.